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Upkeepa Standard Cleaning Package

Upkeepa Cleaner Pros will provide a high quality clean for your home that includes the below services in each of your main living areas. We of course understand that every home is different so you can add or remove items through discussion with your Pros so the service meets the true needs of your home. An example of this that we regular receive is to add an hour or two for the household ironing needs but there are of course many more services we can provide.

Kitchen Cleaning


A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen. Our Cleaners will ensure that the dishes are clean, the surfaces are disinfected, and the stove is free from left over spillages. Once our Pros are finished you can confidently snap back into chef mode and whip up a culinary treat for yourself

  • Wash dishes and sink
  • Wipe down surfaces and stove
  • Mop floors
  • Take out the rubbish
Kitchen Cleaning


We know cleaning the bathroom may not be your favourite task. Fortunately our Cleaners love making bathrooms shine by cleaning the bath and shower, moping the floor, wiping the sink and taking out the trash. We’ll have your bathroom fresh and ready for the week ahead.

  • Wash and clean the bath and shower
  • Scrub and clean the toilet
  • Clean the sink and wipe down mirror and fixtures
  • Mop or hoover the floor
  • Take out the rubbish
Kitchen Cleaning

Bedrooms other living areas

We spend over a third of our lives in the bedroom and other living areas. Our Cleaners will hoover those rooms, wipe down the surfaces and even change the bed sheets if you let us know where they are. When you come home it will be to a clean and healthy environment for sleeping. Almost like a hotel!

  • Make beds – (change sheets if agreed with your Pros)
  • Hoover floors
  • Clean surfaces and tidy up
  • Take out the rubbish

The lowest Home Cleaning Price

We have developed an algorithm at Upkeepa for estimating a price to clean your home. Of course sometimes that will need to be adjusted based on the specifics of your home and the type of clean you prefer. Our Cleaners are able to adjust the Upkeepa estimates with you on the first appointment to suit your needs.

Our algorithm is continually updated based on the time needed to clean your home to a professional standard.

Our cleaners set their own rates which is area dependent.

We then offer you neighbourhood discounts to use our Cleaners which is how we achieve the lowest prices.

Others vs Upkeepa

Top Tips for Booking Your Home Cleaning Through Upkeepa

1. Review our Upkeepa Cleaner Pros.

Once you have read through the available options we recommend selecting a Cleaner Pros that already has neighbourhood discounts. This way you can maximise your discount as other neighbours join you later.

2. Help us help you

If you can tell us as much detail as possible, number of rooms, whether you have pets, date and time you would like your clean, plus any extra services you may need, this will help us find the right Cleaner for you. Remember dates and times are key, Friday’s and weekends are busy times for Cleaners so if you can book mid-week there will be more options available.

3. We are flexible

The prices you see on Upkeepa are estimates based on our algorithm. Our Cleaners are able to adjust this with you based on your home and cleaning needs. Just let them know and we can create the perfect clean for you.

4. No Contracts

No-one likes contracts these days, with those horrible tie in periods, so we don’t do contracts. All we ask is that you cancel 24hrs before the appointment so we can find our cleaners alternative jobs. If you cancel within 24hrs we charge for the job so we can compensate the Cleaner for any costs they’ve incurred. We also try to re-arrange the job in the same week so you are not left out of pocket where possible based on Cleaner availability.

5. Upkeepa neighbourhood discounts

We provide discounts for you to use the same Cleaners as your neighbours. We can offer those discounts because you use local Pros.

House Cleaning Extra Services

Every home clean is different and we provide extra services to meet your needs. Our Cleaners are happy to provide our standard extra services which can be booked through Upkeepa. If you need something that is not listed below simply discuss with your Cleaner and agree the additional time needed. Our Cleaners can update the prices once agreed.

Refrigerator cleaning
(Inside and outside)

Oven cleaning

Microwave cleaning
(Inside and outside)

Dishwasher cleaning
(Inside and outside)


Cleaning(Inside only)

What is Upkeepa’s Neighbourhood Discount?

Simply put, if you use the same Upkeepa Cleaner or any other Upkeepa home service Pros as one of your neighbours we will provide you and your neighbour with discounts for doing just that.

Why do we do this… Upkeepa is an environmental, economic, and socially sustainable home services platform for your community. This means when we provide services to you in your home we do so in a way that we believe improves sustainability. In fact, we’ve worked out that if you use the same home service professionals as your neighbours it automatically achieves sustainability goals for you and your Upkeepa Pros.

Using the same Upkeepa Pros as your neighbours means they:

Spend less time traveling

Produce less carbon emissions as they are not travelling as far

Have more productive time in their day due to reduced travel

Have a much higher income opportunity as travel costs went down and available working hours went up.

Upkeepa discounts.

Of course with all this efficiency we want you to benefit as well and so our neighbourhood discount programme passes some of those benefits on to you. To benefit the most you can refer friends to build a consistent discount of up to 15% in your neighbourhood.

Ready to save time on your home cleaning?