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Upkeepa instantly connects you with bookable, trusted, reliable, and security
checked home service Pros. We vet our partners and check their competence for you.

General Questions

We vet all our Upkeepa Pros to ensure they have the Right to Work in the UK and check that they have experience in their relevant field such as cleaning services that are available for booking on the Upkeepa website and mobile application.

The terms and conditions that you and our Upkeepa Pros sign up to mean that you and they are unable to make arrangements for services to be delivered to your home outside the Upkeepa website and mobile application. The reason for this is simple, Upkeepa has spent a long time developing a platform to bring you and your Upkeepa Pros together which provides benefits to you both and your neighbours should they also choose to join and use Upkeepa services. By more people using the platform we are able to further develop Upkeepa to deliver more sustainable services which we believe is good for everyone involved in the Upkeepa platform. We do hope you will help us in this regard. Please continue to enjoy using Upkeepa.

Our pricing is based on algorithms, we take some basic details from you for the services that you require which produces a price for you. We also provide neighbourhood discounts for some of our regular services.

It’s simple really, if you and your neighbours use the same Upkeepa service provider i.e. a cleaner or gardener then they have to travel less to go from job to job which keeps their costs down. The Upkeepa Neighbourhood Discount programme is designed to pass that travel cost reduction on to you as the customer and to your Upkeepa Pros which creates a more sustainable home services platform.

User Account

Go to the homepage, select the login button. When the login screen shows you should select ‘Forgot password?’. This will allow you to submit your email address and we will send you an email to update your password.

Log into your Upkeepa account on then select your account from the top right of the page. Here you can change your address details.

This depends on two things, where you are moving to and whether the Upkeepa Pro is agreeable to work in the new location. One of the objectives here at Upkeepa is to match people with home service jobs to Upkeepa Pros able to complete them in the local neighbourhood. This creates a sustainable platform. If you are moving and your Upkeepa Pros is not able to work at your new home we will find you another Upkeepa Pros. Simply let us know before you move by using the contact form

This may mean that your credit card has expired or has been blocked for some reason. Upkeepa Pros are notified if payment cannot be taken to not complete the service. If you receive notification that your payment has been declined then please check the expiry date of you card and update the new details on Upkeepa. If your card has not expired please contact your bank in case they have blocked your card or the transaction. The booking would need to be re-booked with new card details or an unblocked card.

Booking Questions

Our Upkeepa Pros will always aim to arrive at the time you have scheduled. However sometimes due to public transport or traffic issues there may be delays. Your Upkeepa Pros has an App on their phone. They use this app to track the time they are at your place and so if they are late due to unforeseen circumstances they will not start the job until they arrive and will stay until the job is finished.

At Upkeepa we aim to maintain the highest professional standards and ethics. However sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances, which may lead to a 'no-show', please inform us immediately via the app or hotline and we will find out what has happened to delay our Upkeepa Pros. We’ll then re-arrange a time with you if that is convenient and if not refund your full amount by crediting back to your account.

To make changes or cancel a booking log into the website or App. We take payments when the job starts. Bookings cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled service time will incur a one hour cancellation charge. This is due to administration costs of stopping the scheduled payment and trying to find Upkeepa Pros alternative work using our platform.

We take payments via the website or via the app through credit/debit cards for you convenience. We take the payment once the job is started. Our Upkeepa Pro starts the job using their app once they arrive in your home. This is all for your convenience so you don’t have to keep cash in the house.

Feedback and Rating

On completion of the service by our Upkeepa Pro you will be prompted to provide feedback then next time that you log into We may also request for this feedback via email.

Firstly, let us know ASAP using the contact form found here If there is an issue with the service provided we will work with you to either send another Upkeepa Pro to re-complete the service or discuss solutions. Alternatively you can simply cancel the service and re-book with another Upkeepa Pro on the website.

These statistics are based on your usage of Upkeepa services. We have algorithms that calculate how you are making savings, lowering your carbon footprint and much more.

Please use the contact form found here

Upkeepa Pro Questions

We will verify your skills and experience as well as security vet your Right to Work in the UK when you sign up to Upkeepa. The Upkeepa team will contact you directly to verify your documents and experience when you sign-up.

You set your own hourly rates on the Upkeepa Pros App. When you review the available jobs you will see the amount of time you need to work and the available earnings for the job. Once accepted this job will be added into your Upkeepa App calendar. Immediately after the job is completed you will see the funds appear in your Upkeepa Wallet. You can then request to withdraw your funds weekly or monthly to suit your needs. We provide you with a full history of work completed and funds withdrawn from your wallet so you can keep track of your earnings through the year. This information is stored and available for you to help when you file your tax returns each year.

We’ve crunched the numbers here at Upkeepa. Based on our advanced analytics we believe our Upkeepa Pros can increase their earnings by a third. This is due to the amount of time you will save on travel by co-locating all your jobs into one area. We’ve analysed the market and found that some home service providers are travelling 2 hours to jobs. This is all unpaid time. Our aim at Upkeepa is to reduce this inefficiency to help you be able to earn more income and at the same time help the environment.

Upkeepa prides itself on the highest standards, ethics, and of course efficiency. That’s how our whole business works. However, we do understand that sometimes there will be unforeseen circumstances that lead to a scenario when you must cancel the job request. When this happens, you can cancel the job via the mobile App. Cancellations will affect your Acceptance rating which you can see from within the app. Upkeepa Pro’s with a higher acceptance rating are chosen more often by our Customers so it is better to try and keep your acceptance rating high by not cancelling on customers.

Upkeepa Pro Settings and App

Log into the app, select ‘more’, then select ‘settings’, then select ‘edit services and location’. Here you can update the services and location as well as maximum distance you will travel to a customer.

Open the app select ‘forgotten password’ at the login screen.

Log into the app, select ‘more’, then select ‘settings’, then select ‘edit profile’. Here you can update your profile and contact details.

Log into the app, select ‘more’, then select ‘settings’, then select ‘Hourly Rate’. Here you can update the rate that customers will be shown when you appear in their searches. For existing customers your rates will not change. Rates for existing jobs can only be changed with agreement from the existing customers. To do this please contact Upkeep using the contact form found here

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